Klarus CL1 Mini Camping Lantern – All-In-One Bluetooth, LED Light and Power Bank
Klarus CL1
Camping Lantern
Klarus CL1 Mini Camping Lantern – All-In-One Bluetooth, LED Light and Power Bank
See the light. Hear the music. Feel the power.
Klarus CL1 Camping Lantern


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Customer service is excellent. Product is great, especially for the price.


Great seller. Fast shipping. Hassle-free buying. Thank you.

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Awesome seller, quick ship, accurate description, great item quality. thank you!

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Top 5 survival items when SHTF

Top 5 survival items when SHTF

Will political tribalism lead to widespread violence, collapsing our markets and fracturing our country? Will the next solar flare send us into a technological stone age, with worldwide famine? It’s grim thinking for sure, but never-the-less, they are survivable situations if we plan in advance.

Top 5 Features in a Good Inspection Flashlight

Inspectors play an important role in the safety and well being of families and businesses. They need to spot weaknesses in foundations, assess below-grade mold in crawl spaces, and call out code violations. Consequently, the work they do is tedious and a bit dangerous. One wrong assessment or missed violation could cause people to get sick or seriously injured. As you can imagine, adequate and reliable lighting is critical for the Inspector to get the job done right. Read More ->

TactX Flashlights is the exclusive tactical gear and flashlight supplier located in the united states serving military, emergency, security, and private sectors. We are also an approved dealer and reseller for Klarus Lighting Products, including the CL1 Camping Lantern and their popular XT dual switch tactical flashlight series. TactX LM500 Tactical Flashlight Kits are now available in portable handheld and AR-15 rail mount retrofit configurations. All LM500 tactical flashlights are made from high-quality reinforced aircraft aluminum with the brightest Cree® LED technology on the market. Furthermore, TactX is a choice distributor of tactical gear and survival equipment. All tactical backpacks, shoulder bags, pouches, rifle cases, and other duffle bags are made of waterproof 1000D Nylon. This is known as the toughest, tight-woven material providing a water resistant seal.