Battery spring coil quick adjustment for the TactX ELITE LM500

Recently, a few customers have had issues with their ELITE LM500 switching modes, or powering off while firing their rifle. This can be frustrating, but we have an easy way to adjust the battery spring coil tension.

Like most other flashlights, the LM500 is engineered with a spring coiled connector on the inside of the cap and push button. When mounted to higher caliber rifles that have lesser recoil management, the spring contracts and expands more violently inside the flashlight. This causes the spring connector to temporarily disconnect from the battery every time a round is fired. This will cause the flashlight to change modes and even turn off during use. No worries, we have a quick fix for higher caliber rifles. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the 18650 battery from the battery compartment.
  2. Add a dime (10-Cent US Currency) to the the battery compartment chamber.
  3. Insert by the battery back into the battery compartment.
  4. Screw cap back on and test fire
  5. If you still experience mode changes during firearms discharge, add another dime in the bottom as instructed in step 2, until you have finally eliminated the issue.

Although this simple fix is not ideal, and a bit unorthodox, it does not affect the appearance or effectiveness of the flashlight in any way. Tightening the spring coil to rest against the battery will help absorb the firearm’s recoiled energy without loosing connection.

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