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Stainless Steel and Titanium-Coated Tactical Knives

We’re an exclusive reseller of MTech USA and USMC brand tactical knives. As a result, our tactical knives are perfect for military, survivalists, camping, hunting, fishing, and self defense. We carry folded and fixed blade configurations, and in 3- to 6-inch blade lengths. Choose from high-grade stainless steel or titanium-coated blades like our big 6-inch USMC Elite tactical survival knife! Multi-purpose blades are available, such as serrated and sawtooth for cutting up small firewood and cordage. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of blade styles from Kukri to double edge Tanto knives. We also carry a hunting and fishing favorite—the MTech Extreme MX-8035—perfect for slicing and carving. All knives include a Kydex or heavy-duty nylon sheath and guaranteed defect-free.