Klarus FT11S – Aluminum Alloy Color Filters (Red/Green/Blue)


Klarus FT11S filters are specifically engineered for the XT11, XT11S, XT12S and XT11GT tactical flashlight series. Can be used in conjunction with Klarus Strike Bezel BZ-1

Klarus FT11S Color Filter Includes:
(1) FT11S Filter (Red, Green or Blue)
(1) Mini Hard case with foam padding.



Klarus FT11S Color Filters are made of tough aluminum alloy and available in red, green, and blue!

Klarus FT11S filters are specifically engineered for the Klarus XT11, XT11S, XT12S and XT11GT tactical flashlight series. They are made of the toughest aluminum alloy and tempered glass, with the ability to withstand multiple heavy strikes during self defense exercises. Furthermore, fastening the filter by thread prevents the filter, especially with an added BZ-1 strike bezel, from dislodging. Use the red filter for emergencies, traffic signaling, and hunting to prevent spooking game. Green does not disrupt night vision and perfect for map reading, hunting and biking. Finally, the blue filter is great for night fishing. tracking wounded game, and even close reading.


  • Aerospace aluminum alloy shell, Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing AR-coated, hardened lens.
  • Red filter – Used for emergencies, caution, traffic signal and Hunting to not spook game. Great for penetrating fog or smoke. Does not disrupt night vision.
  • Green filter – Used for hunting and hiking. Green is also very popular for night time map reading and covert operations because it does not disrupt night vision.
  • Blue filter – Used for night fishing, tracking wounded game, and close reading.
  • Compatible flashlights: XT11 / XT11S / XT12S / XT11GT
  • Compatible with 35mm strike bezel: BZ-1.
  • Filter thread may also be used to attach other matching accessories no listed here.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
Choose Color >

FT11S Red, FT11S Green, FT11S Blue


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