Quick Tip: How to stabilize a AA battery from rattling around inside the MINI-X3 flashlight

If you’ve purchased the the new MINI-X3 recently or was able to get it free with your order, it’s a pretty cool torch to say the least! But some customers have noticed that the battery chamber is much wider than the AA battery itself. Quite frankly, we have taken notice as well. Originally, the battery compartment was designed to withstand Alkaline battery swelling which happens quite often with cheaper alkaline batteries. In the US, our alkaline batteries are much tougher and regulated than other countries around the world.

We have an easy fix—Taping the battery. It’s that easy…not with regular tape, but using electrical tape. Any color will do. I prefer black.

Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Cut 12-16 inches of electrical tape in one length. (Any color will do)
  2. Carefully begin wrapping the battery (You can wrap the middle or wrap the top section and then the bottom section.
  3. Insert the battery into the MINI-X3 compartment. It should fit sung, not too tight or you will never get the battery back out. This will give it some room to expand and contract.

This is also a quick fix for any flashlight with minimal cost.

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