Top 5 Features in a Good Inspection Flashlight

Top 5 features in a good inspection flashlight. Inspectors play an important role in the safety and well being of families and businesses. They need to spot weaknesses in foundations, assess below-grade mold in crawl spaces, and call out code violations. Consequently, the work they do is tedious and a bit dangerous. One wrong assessment or missed violation could cause people to get sick or seriously injured. As you can imagine, adequate and reliable lighting is critical for the Inspector to get the job done right.

Any inspector worth their weight counts on a quality, portable light source for various job sites. One that’s reliable and can fit or clip to your pocket. There are a ton of them out there, and if you’re a veteran inspector, you’ve seen many. In fact, you may already have a few brands you’re accustom to like Fenix or Streamlite. If you’re just starting out, then you definitely want to keep reading! No matter what your level of experience, I guarantee you’ll walk away with some good tips.

Here are my top 5 things to look for in your next inspection flashlight:

  1. No more than 5-inches in length and 4-1/2 Ounces (Includes Battery). Think portability. You don’t want your flashlight getting in the way of the task at hand. You should be able to clip it or put it in your pocket. Nylon holsters are good too, but make sure they are low profile and secure. Avoid plastic holsters.
  2. 500 Lumens is adequate. You want something bright, but not blindingly bright! Your eyes adjust to darker environments and sometimes very high lumen, concentrated light will reflect off concrete and metal surfaces. This makes it harder to focus on the task at hand.
  3. 6061 High Grade Aluminum Construction. Make sure your flashlight is made of high grade, anodized coated aluminum. This prevents corrosion and rust. It also holds up well against drops up to 1-2 meters due to its extreme material weld strength.
  4. Adjustable Focusing Lens. Adjusting the focus of the light beam is critical when inspecting tight areas. This allows you to light an entire room or focus on a very specific area.
  5. Don’t spend a fortune. More money doesn’t mean better quality. There are a lot of great options for under $30. Plus, LED bulbs last a long time, but not forever. The last thing you need is a $100 paper weight to write off!

TactX has a great tactical inspection flashlight for just $24.99 plus free shipping! The KYBER 550 is a 550 lumens flashlight that meets all of the top 5 specifications listed in this post. This includes a 1-Year Manufacture’s Warranty with free repairs or replacements of your light during the period of warranty.*

KYBER 550 Compact Tactical Flashlight



Most Lightweight tactical flashlight with new smart power technology! The KYBER 550 is finally here and it’s loaded with features. Weighing only 4.5 ounces (includes battery) and about 4.75″ long, this compact torch emits over 550 real lumens of light! Enthusiasts will enjoy an adjustable focal lens, easy push power button with built-in color LED indicator. Micro-USB direct charging technology allows you to plug into any USB port with a 5v power source—computers, peripherals, vehicle USB outlets, and other chargers with standard .05-2.1A USB outlets. Convenient color LED, built into the power button, turns red when the battery is running low, and green when it’s at full power!

KYBER 550 TX0550KY-A Kit Includes:
(1) KYBER 550 LED Tactical Flashlight
(1) Direct Plug-in Micro-USB Charger
(1) 18650 2200mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Li-ion Battery [Ships inside flashlight]
(1) Spare Acrylic Glass Lens
(1) Instruction Booklet
(OPTIONAL) Picatinny Rail Mount w/Grip Strips and Hex Wrench – (Item #TX0550KY-B)

*Ships USPS First Class, right to your mailbox!

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