Top 5 survival items when SHTF

Will political tribalism lead to widespread violence, collapsing our markets and fracturing our country? Will the next solar flare send us into a technological stone age, with worldwide famine? It’s grim thinking for sure, but never-the-less, they are survivable situations if we plan in advance.

Of course the situation on the ground is always fluid, therefore you need to plan for the worse with what you have…or what you have on hand based on good planning. At least that’s what can be said about those participants on the hit survival TV show “Naked and Afraid.” And I think it’s a good place to start when thinking about survival tools and equipment. One big takeaway from this show is that tools which facilitate long-term survival and avoid brief periods of satisfaction are key to surviving and adapting to harsh conditions.

Adaptability is key to survival, and your preparedness plays a key role in how long you can survive. A big part of surviving is reconditioning your body and mind. Adjusting to scarcity, conditioning your body to extreme weather conditions, increased activity, and preparing your mind for a potentially long road ahead. As a Surgeon needs his instruments to perform a successful surgery, starting with the right equipment is critical to long-term survival.

So, I opened it up to a wilderness survival situation. Of course, everyone will picture themselves in their own survival storyline. For me, I thought about long-term survival. 3-6 months before finding “others.” Here are my top five(5) survival tool picks:

Water Straw – This is something you can use until you can secure a permanent water source. Because you can’t go for more than a week without water, consistent hydration is critical. Just remember, Water Straws can only be used to filter so many gallons of water before it is discarded. But it will serve you well until you can find a reliable water source.

Survival Knife — Not just any knife…a real Bowie, “Rambo”-style knife with Kydex sleeve. Be sure it’s double-sided with saw blade. I would also include a blade stone to keep it nice and sharp. Portability with the capability to cut 1″ pieces of timber to build a wood-based shelter is key.

Compound Bow or Crossbow – If you don’t know how to use one, learn! They are quite stealthy for hunting and self protection from a distance. But, most of all, the ammo is retrievable! Firearms need ammunition that are not recoverable in a survival situation. Arrows can be recovered. In fact, a moderately skilled craftsman can make more from their surroundings.

Fire Starter – Fire is what separates us from the animal kingdom. We use it for warmth, protection, boiling water, cooking food, and so much more. Let’s face it, without it, you’re royally screwed! Any flint striker will do the trick. Personally, I prefer a LifeLine by TactX. Something that uses the least energy to achieve a spark.

Pot – Not weed..although it would be a great way to calm the nerves in this situation. Bamboo and coconuts are not in abundance throughout the world so a pot is perfect for cooking and boiling.

I know…these are for more crude survival situations. There are other tools I would like to mention as well, such as tarps, axes, fishing line, and others. If you have any other suggestions, please comment below.

My next post will be about surviving post-apocalyptic urban survival. Stay tuned!

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